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Other Services

Dr. Nicholas S. Fuller also provides specialized pain management services in Beverly Hills, California that are tailored to your particular needs and health conditions. We know that one size doesn’t always fit all, so we use our advanced medical techniques to ensure that the pain treatment you’re receiving is the right approach to manage your individual pain.

The unique pain management services we offer include:

Genetic Testing

Since not every pain medication will work for everyone, Dr. Fuller provides personalized medicine services to tailor your pain medication program to your particular genetic make-up.

We use pharmacogenic testing with a simple saliva test to look at your genetic code and determine what pain medications you will most effectively respond to and in what dosage. We can tell whether you are a fast metabolizer who will break down medications very quickly, and thus may require a higher dosage, or a slower metabolizer who may experience more side effects and thus require a lower dosage.

Headache Evaluation & Treatment

If you suffer from chronic headaches, including migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches, Dr. Fuller can help figure out your headache triggers and determine the best treatments to keep your pain under control. In addition to medications, treatment options may include BOTOX®for pain management and/or stress reduction techniques.

Bone Health Testing

To help determine the cause of bone pain, we offer bone scans, which are a type of nuclear imaging test. Dr. Fuller will inject a small amount of radioactive material into your vein to see how much collects in the bones. The results will help determine what type of treatment is appropriate for your condition, whether it’s arthritis, fractures, cancer, or another condition.

For more information about the specialized pain diagnosis and management services we offer our patients, call Dr. Nicholas S. Fuller in Beverly Hills, California today at (310) 854-0283.