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Your First Visit

Before your first visit to the pain management office of Nicholas S. Fuller, MD in Beverly Hills, California for pain diagnosis and/or treatment, we want you to be prepared for what to expect so you’ll feel comfortable and well-informed before your pain management visit.

Before your appointment:

  • After you request an appointment with us, you will receive a link to the patient information forms on our website. If possible, please print and fill out these forms in advance to save time at your appointment.
  • For us to provide you with the optimal level of pain management, we need your X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or other diagnostic imaging tests before your appointment. If you have these, please bring them with you to your visit. Alternately, you can request that your providers send them to us.
  • If you do not have records of your diagnostic imaging procedures, we may order tests for you or provide tests in our office as part of our comprehensive pain management diagnosis and treatment.
  • It’s helpful for you to bring a list of your current medications so we can check for any potential interactions if we prescribe you additional medications.

During your appointment:

  • Even if you’re just visiting Dr. Fuller for a routine injection, he will conduct a thorough pain management consultation with you. He will review your medical and health history before taking a close look at your diagnosis.
  • During your consultation, Dr. Fuller will spend adequate time walking you through your options and weighing the pros and cons to decide what pain management treatments will be right for you. He’ll also perform any additional diagnostic tests needed, such as ultrasound, to make sure you are getting the correct treatment for your condition.
  • Dr. Fuller will then create a personalized pain management plan to help end your pain so you can get back to the activities and lifestyle that you love!

Ready to schedule your first appointment with pain management specialist Dr. Nicholas S. Fuller in the Los Angeles, California area? Get started today by calling (310) 854-0283 and our staff will be in touch to confirm the date and time of your visit.